Take Action

Why It Matters

According to the Institute of Medicine report titled Dying in America, surveys have suggested that more than 25% of adults, including those aged 75 years and older, have given “no thought” to end-of-life care, and “even fewer” have written down their preferences or talked about them with family or providers. The IOM report calls for public engagement, education and a national dialogue about end-of-life care issues at the societal, community, family and individual levels. We hope that our project will help catalyze this urgently needed dialogue and translate the IOM recommendations into public action.

Get Involved

  • Attend a theatrical screening with your friends and colleagues.  See our screening locations here.
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We encourage everyone to start a conversation about what their wishes might be at the end of life. When a family is planning the delivery of a child, medical providers help them fill out a “birth plan” outlining their wishes for the delivery. We are encouraging people to create a similar plan for the end of life, which can be accomplished with a few recommended steps:

Step 1: Discern your values

Step 2: Document your wishes

Step 3: Discuss both your values and your wishes with your loved ones